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Killer Fashion Revolution

Killer Fashion Revolution – Fashion hacktivism for Human Rights.




Press, Publications & Awards


- Sodan Muodista Ihmisoikeuksiin (From war fashion to human rights, in Finnish), Amnesty International jäsenlehti 2/2010, page 7.

- Mosaic motivoi! (Mosaic Motivates, in Finnish), Cisvari 2009, page 14.

- Killer Fashion Revolution: tarina joka jatkuu… (Killer Fashion Revolution: a story that continues, in Finnish), Cisvari 2010, page 16-17.

- Killer Fashion Revolution en historia med fortsättning… (Killer Fashion Revolution: a story that continues, in Swedish), Cisvari 2010, page 19.



- Kronman. L and Zingerle. A., 2013. Testrun Revolution. Blurp.

- Kronman. L and Zingerle. A., 2012. Opening Museums – New interaction methods for future museum experiences. KairUs publication: ISBN 978-1-4710-1530-4. Available at: Lulu

- Kronman. L. and Zingerle.A., 2011. “21st century San-shin workshop” chapter (p. 62-71.) in Project Standing By 000 2011 – Lyrical Soul publication by Mizy Center and Loop Gallery.

- Kronman.L and Zingerle.A., 2011. Transmedia storytelling and online representations –issues of trust on the internet. International CONFERENCE on CYBERWORLDS October 4 – 6, 2011, Banff International Center, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

- Kronman, L., 2010.  Killer Fashion Revolution OPEN 2009. Audiovisual Thinking – The Journal of Academic Videos, Issue #02 Rights and wrongs in the age of digital media. Available at:

-Kronman, L., 2010. Killer Fashion Revolution: Combining peace education with participatory art and design. MA New Media thesis at Aalto University, School of Art and Design.



- Best Original Idea prize in the International MediaModo 2010 competition with Killer Fashion Revolution.
(My role in the production: my MA thesis work)

- Unity Award 2008: Special Recognition – Adventure game development for Lies and Seductions. (My role in the production: 3D character modeller and animator)

- Standard of Excellence -citation in Webaward 2003 competition with entry Sanitec On-line Annual Report 2002. (My role in the production: Art Director)

- 3rd prize Media & Message 2001 competition with the entry Sanitec On-line Annual Report 2000 in the category of presentations.(My role in the production: Art Director)

- 1st prize in a “Information society for women – Tiin@ competition” organized year 2000 by Suomen akateemisten naisten liitto (Organization for academic women) with the project “Ada – your life on the screen”. A multimedia production that inspire women to use computers. (My role in the production: Visual designer, content designer and interaction designer)











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