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Killer Fashion Revolution

Killer Fashion Revolution – Fashion hacktivism for Human Rights.




Work Experience, Education & Organizational Activities


Frelance designer media artist and researcher
January 2011 – present
Subnet, Chang-dong Art Studio, RedGate Gallery | Austria, South Korea, China

A series of three, 3 month Artist in Residency programs in 2011 developing interactive installations and transmedia storytelling projects, researching (research papers and publications) and organizing workshops.
“Re:Dakar Arts Festival”- transmedia story and research at Subnet in Saltzburg, Austria
“Samalu” interactive installation Chang-dong Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary art, Seoul, South Korea
“21st century San-Shin” workshop series in collaboration with Mizy Center and Loop Gallery, Seoul, South Korea,
“Opening Museums” publication at RedGate Gallery, Beijing, China
“Opening Museums” workshops with CAFA City Design School and Todays Art Museum, Bejing, China
“Media art and Stage Design” lecture at Beijing Dance Academy’s design department.

Animation Designer
June 2012 -Present
bet-at-home | Linz, Austria

Working as an animation designer and with other multimedia productions for online-platforms.  Tasks include 2D Flash animation, graphic design for social media platforms and newsletter as well as developing concepts and ideas and producing materials for online and print campaigns.

Designer, media artist and researcher
September 2010 – December 2010
Patchingzone | Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Workin on the Digital Art Lab -project. Setting up and developing concepts for a Digital Art Lab in the CKC-cultural center in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The aim is to develop concepts helping traditional arts take advantage of a Digital Art Lab. Concepts are also tested in the Lab.


Interface design and Animator
February 2010 – December 2010
Oopera Verkkon project for Sibelius Akatemia | Helsinki, Finland

“” is a project with the aim of producing an educational game like online material for youth about the Finnish Opera. I worked as an animator and an interaction designer in this project for Sibelius Akatemia. About the project in Finnish: Ooppera Verkkoon


Frelance Graphic and Web Designer
October 2009 – present
Linda Kronman (company name, FIN: toiminimi) | Helsinki, Finland

Freelance work in web design, multimedia production, graphic design and photography. Collaborating with other small companies e.g. Webteca, Finntastico, Biznesport. Clients e.g. Le Slip, Jokerit, UNIC Laurea and CISV.


Art Director/Web Designer
December 2000 – June 2007
InnoCasa Oy/InnoGraf Oy | Helsinki, Finland

I was working for InnoCasa and InnoGraf during the years 2000-2007. InnoCasa was founded in 2001. Due to hard times in the field InnoCasa was merged with InnoGraf in 2007, some years later also InnoGraf was put down. I worked over 6 years for InnoCasa and InnoGraf with a diversity of projects to various clients. As an Art Director and Web Designer I was part of an team building websites and various online services e.g. online annual reports, project management services (also including interface design), image building multimedia presentations and online sites that reflect the missions, visions and strategies of the client. Due to my position in the company I have also collaborated closely with advertisement agency’s and communications departments.

Clients of InnoCasa and InnoGraf:
I worked for clients like Hartwall-Arenan, Jokerit Ice Hockey team, Cramo, Helsingin Pörssiklubin, Picnic, EuroPicnicin, Konstsamfundet and Profile Promotionin Pro 2. I have also designed Online annual and interim reports for Sanitec Oy:n and KCI KoneCranes:in and produced multimedia presentations for companies like HIAB, Cramo, Halti and Helsingin Sanomat as well as Finland’s Foreign Ministry. I have also worked as an interface designer for InnoCasa’s own products like the InnoSmartTools (now BiznesPort ( and portals like and Some references can still be found under:


Photo assistant (Internship)
February 1998 – March 1998
Mosaic Productions Oy | Helsinki, Finland

Internship as an assistant for studio photographer.


Photographer (Internship)
March 1998 – April 1998
Hufvudstadsbladet | Helsinki, Finland

Intern for the biggest Swedish newspaper in Finland. Working as a photographer and processing images for print. Both own assignments and following the work of established photographers.


Junior Photographer
February 1997 – February 1998
Hufvudstadsbladet | Helsinki, Finland

Photographer for Hufvudstadsbladet’s Junior pages. Hufvudstadsbladet is the biggest Swedish newspaper in Finland. Own Photo assignments, working together with Junior Journalists.



Master’s Degree | New Media
August 2007 – May 2010
Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Media Lab | Helsinki, Finland

Advanced studies in Media Lab Helsinki and exchange semester in IDAS Hongi-ik University Seoul, South Korea. Highlights:
- Lies and Seductions game project (character modeling and animating), Spring 2008
- SideKick -demo; a concept to motivate youth to exercise with the help of a stepometer, a personal
sidekick avatar and an on-line community, Spring 2008
- Concept proposals portfolio for Seoul Design Capital 2010, gathered by students at IDAS Seoul, Fall 2008
- Killer Fashion Revolution, MA thesis project for University of Art and Design Helsinki, 2007- 2010. Exhibited in Finland, USA and Russia. Best Original Idea prize in MediaModo competition 2010.


Bachelor’s Degree| Media Culture, Interactive Media
August 1998 – May 2001
Arcada | Espoo/Helsinki, Finland

Bachelors degree in Media Culture with specialization in “Interactive media” Highlights:
- 1st prize in a “Information society for women – Tiin@ competition” organized year 2000 by Suomen akateemisten naisten liitto (Organization for academic women) with the project “Ada – your life on the screen”. A multimedia production that inspire women to use computers. The concept was developed to beta-level as my BA thesis project.
- 37º -art exhibition a Helsinki Culture City 2000 – project Organized by media students in Arcada, Feb. 2000


Vocational Degree| Media Culture
August 1995 – May 1998
Mellersta Nylands Yrkesskola | Helsinki, Finland

Education included e.g. basics in video and sound production, photography, HTML & basic web design, Media theory, Design theory etc.



CISV Finland and CISV Helsinki ry

A global community of dedicated volunteers, creating opportunities for all ages to experience the excitement and enrichment of cultural diversity through our educational programmes (

As a voluntary worker between years 2001-2010 I have been a leader on or organized 15 CISV youth programs around the world e.g. in Lebanon, USA and Norway. I have as well taken part in several trainings e.g. Train the Trainer, Madrid 2007 and Sustainable voluntary leadership Naantali 2009. As the Chair of training committee in CISV Finland I have organized national trainings; yearly training and evaluation workshops for Finnish leaders, organizers and participants over the age of 16 and yearly training workshop for Finnish youth and leaders participating in the Summer Camp program.

Positions of trust:
International Youth Meeting responsible in CISV Helsinki board 2003-2004
Summer Camp responsible in CISV Helsinki board 2004-2005
Chair of training committee in CISV Finland 2007-2010




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