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Killer Fashion Revolution

Killer Fashion Revolution – Fashion hacktivism for Human Rights.





Since 2001 I have organized various workshops, trainings and youth camps. The workshops I organize are based on doing by learning, in other words experiential learning techniques. On request I am happy to organize workshops in fashion hacktivism, video production and stop-motion. I am as well interested in arranging workshops in museum context around e.g. exhibition themes or design workshops enhancing visitor-museum interaction . I have experience to work with various target groups (kids, youth and adults). In collaboration with the artist from the KairUs platform I can also arrange workshops in electronics and photography. Below short descriptions of offered workshops.


The “419 fiction”-workshop questions our trust in online representations through the story worlds of scams created by internet scammers who take advantage of the anonymity that Internet affords, by investigating their practices we can question the trust that is put into online representations. To understand the concept of scamming and scambaiting, we introduce the participants to the world of scambaiting and the motives of scammers, victims and scambaiters. We also draw parallels to other practices and cultures like; use of social media, gaming, storytelling, creative activism etc. Through a toolkit participants take the fist steps of creating and starting their own fictional storyworlds. Reflections on the experiences lead us into discussions around themes of trust in the realm between real and virtual.

- 5-6.4.2013 Local Project, Fluid New Media Lab, New York, USA


The interactive installation Samalu was exhibited at the Wroclaw Media Art Biennale and in context to this we arranged a storytelling workshop. Together with participants we were sharing and recording stories and myths from Poland, Austria and Korea. The stories were then spread around the city in form of colorful stones with QR tags to share the stories further with bypassers. When bypassers found the stones they could scan the QR code with a mobile device and listen to the stories we shared.

- 11.5.2013 WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland


In KairUs we often included a workshop to our research process. The first “Opening Museums” workshop was organized to acquire understanding of how young Chinese designers reflect on museums and their possibilities to open up as institutions through more interactive and participatory practices.

In the first part of the workshop we discussed the role of museums, how visitors can take various roles in their way of interacting in museums, and through examples we looked at ways of encouraging participation through technologies as well as presenting design challenges in museum contexts. In the second part we  presented the students with a design challenge; “What could be done to make the museum visitors experience more interactive and participatory?” and asked them to present design consepts adapted to a specific museum context (in this case Today Art Museum). This participatory design workshop can easily be adapted to various context to facilitate brainstorming for ideas to make museums more open for visitors or/and to give designers an overview of digital design practises and challenges in museum environments.

Video: “Opening Museums” -workshop took place 5 times during November 2011 together with CAFA City Design Schools Experimental Media Studio students and Studio Director He Hao, in collaboration with Today Art Museum.

More about the workshop with CAFA and Today Art Museum


In the “21st century San-shin” workshop we worked with a group of 10 young Koreans and explored the theme of San-shin mountain spirits and mountain worship through experiments that took form of site specific installations and performances. The outcome of the workshop was an interactive installation exhibited at the Dukwon gallery in Seoul. This workshop is an example how culture and heritage can be explored through art . The workshop concept could be adapted to various exhibition themes and offered as a participatory activity in a museum environment.

“21st Century San-Shin” was organized as a part of UNESCO funded Standingby 000 program in collaboration with Mizy Center and Loop Gallery. It took place 8 times in July and August 2011 in Seoul and ended with a group exhibition 17.8-27.8.2011in Dukwon Gallery.

More about the workshop


Killer Fashion Revolution – fashion hacktivism workshops

In Killer Fashion Revolution workshops war related clothes are transformed to promote human rights. Through various activities we talk about topics around human rights and ethical fashion.
Killer Fashion Revolution workshops are:
* Events where people come for “doing-it-together”.
* Experiential learning experiences where attitudes, knowledge and skills are developed.
* Design labs where war related clothes are transformed to artifacts that promote human rights.
* Introductions to Fashion Hacktivism.

The workshops include the three phases; Discover, Understand and Create. Workshops can be of various length and the peace educational objectives can differ depending on the circumstances where and for whom the workshops are organized. Various formats and examples of different Killer Fashion Revolution workshops can be found

Video: A Killer Fashion Revolution organized for 30 participants from 15 different countries at CISV Seminar Camp in Helsinki, July 2010

Organized Killer Fashion Revolution workshops:
-12.7.2010 in collaboration with CISV and Clean Cloths Campaign, Helsinki, Finland
- 6th and 12th of June 2010 Masters of Arts 2010, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
- 23-25.4.2010 Human Rights Arts Festival, Amnesty International, Silver Spring, USA -MD
- 5-7.2.2010 in collaboration with CISV Finland, Kirkkonummi, Finland


Video & Edit Workshops

While working at CKC Digital Art Lab I was facilitating a number of video and editing workshops of various formats, ranging from 1 day tryouts to 3 day workshops. During this time I also received the training to arrange “theoneminutesJR” workshops for youth. In Digital Art Lab I was facilitating both youth and adult groups.

Video: Facilitating a group of youth and a hip-hop teacher to start the CKC-TV.


StopMotion Workshops

In connection to various CISV youth camps and during my time at the Digital Art Lab I have arranged and facilitated a number of stop motion workshops. I have been working with various materials and themes. StopMotion is a great method to discuss various issues with youth combining doing, talking, learning and team work.

Video: An example of how StopMotion animation was introduced to kids at CKC. This was a hop on hop of workshop where kids where working with the technique from 5 min to 1 h.


KairUs Workshops

Electronics workshops:
The electronic workshops consist of working with sensors and actuators in combination with the Arduino platform. In different modules we create wearable prototypes, design circuits, make our own sensors or hack toys and other gadgets.

Photo workshop:
After a short introduction in pinhole photography and a showcase of different camera types participants start making their own cameras and hang them in the city to create stunning long time exposure photographs.


Experience in Peace Education

As an voluntary worker for an organization called CISVI have gaind experience both in facilitating youth camps and training adults in peace education. CISV is a global community of dedicated volunteers, creating opportunities for all ages to experience the excitement and enrichment of cultural diversity through our educational programmes. Below is a list of my peace education experience:

National Training Workshops 2007-2010 (organizer)
* Yearly training and evaluation workshops for Finnish leaders, organizers and participants over the age of 16 that take part in CISV’s international programs.
* Yearly training workshop for Finnish youth and leaders that participate the Summer Camp program of CISV.

International Youth Meetings
* Helsinki, Finland 2001-2002 (organizer)
* Västerås, Sweden 2002 (leader)
* Tampere, Finland 2002-2003 (leader)
* Brussels, Belgium 2006 (leader)
* Helsinki, Finland 2007-2008 (organizer)

International Summer Camps
* Pittsburgh, USA 2003 (leader)
* Beirut, Lebanon 2004 (leader)
* Helsinki, Finland 2005 (organizer)
* Alta, Norway 2008 (leader)

Mosaic (local projects)
* FINEST-Mosaic project Helsinki, Finland and Estonia, Tartto 2007 (organizer). Theme: prejudice between Finns and Estonia’s.
* Mosaic Killer Fashion Revolution Workshop Helsinki, Finland 2010 (organizer). Theme: Fashion HAcktivism for Human Rights

International Workshops (participant at CISV trainings)
* Worms, Germany 2003 (Summer Camp)
* Malmö, Sweden 2004 (Summer Camp)
* Madrid, Spain 2007 (TTT – Train the Trainer)
* Naantali, Finland 2009 (Sustainable voluntary leadership)













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